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        Upon hearing this, Gro Antonia silent child.
        Dunn see some cold field, decided to tell a joke to enliven the atmosphere about: “Speaking the language and nationality of the players, I thought of a joke, to listen to you, Miss Antonia Gro.”
        Gro Antonia recovered gaze thoughtfully, smiled and nodded.
        “We all know that Roman Abramovich took over Chelsea, has brought to the club a lot of money, so that they can buy the world best players – as long as they wanted. Available In fact, before the Russian milliauthentic jerseys wholesale,Chelsea is famous for his Premiership multinational force, then coached the team to time Gullit has created a record – people who do not have a team in England starting eleven local players. “Dunn solemnly tells that from now on point of view, the joke really is not funny, he is more like giving Gro Antonia tells a history of football. “Then Chelsea came a new coach, Italian Claudio Ranieri, he is a in Spain and Italy have made a successful coach, the Italians when he took over the team after the first one has to face the problem is not the team to tactics, lineup, move them, but the language, because Chelsea have too much foreign aid, and at that time the media who are so ridiculed Ranieri worse, English: the main players when he would like to explain tactics to time, usually to tell assistant coach Wilkinson, first in English Wilkinson told the tactical team mainland England players, then Ranieri Zola himself to speak in Italian, then in Spanish mainland Spain
    jerseys from china, to the team players, Argentine player, Ula players say it again. those French players do, Ranieri Desailly first with the Italians to say again, once in Italy and then by the French player kicked the ball to give him his compatriots …… repeat the same sentence you talk many times, as will eventually become what it meant no one knows …… you played that game for you, Miss Antonia Gro? “
        “Is a man, then he would say to use body language to tell a second person, the second person then understand his own body language to mean relayed to a third person, and so on …… then let the last person to use language to He understandably phrase words out to see, and the first person to mean far worse – is often worse from Britain to China so far from the first man says: ‘Hey, you look at me today, wear clothes beautiful? ‘”
        Dunn spoke, he stood
    cheap authentic nfl jerseys, up and imitate. He pointed to himself to clothes, and then turn in a circle, as if to show off his friends to new clothes.
        “And then the second man nodded, turned to the third man said: ‘You see me there any dirty things?'”
        Dunn turned around, turned around looked effortlessly behind.
        See here, Gro Antonia has started laughing.
        “Third man said he understood, and he nodded, turned to the fourth man said: ‘I am a little dizzy, circling turn to.'”
        Gro Antonia
    nfl jerseys authentic, upward laugh.
        “The fourth person on the fifth man said: ‘I like to use the hula hoop to exercise!'” Dunn Tingzhaoduzi twist.
        “Fifth person on the sixth man said; ‘pregnant, do not do strenuous exercise!'” Dunn in the stomach in front of the hands drew the arc, and then waved his hand lifted.
        The Gro Antonia shoulder smile lying on the table kept provocative.
        “Then we ask the sixth man:
    Wholesale Coach purses,
    onaire ‘You know just what he said to you do?’ Sixth man very confidently nodded and said: ‘I’m fat, you do not hold anything against me!'”
        Gro Antonia laughing leaned back again, very loud, is not lady.
        Dunn sit down and smiling at each other, so she finished laughing.

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